Sailing Through The Spectacular Lemaire Channel


I am not, nor will ever be, a morning person.

Waking up early is always a struggle. I am much more of a night owl, and I can easily stay up until dawn with no more sustenance than a cup of coffee at dinner.

However, travelling challenges this side of me, as for the most part while on adventures, the early bird truly does get the proverbial worm.

The morning on which we sailed through the Lemaire Channel was one such occasion.


The Lemaire Channel – also sometimes referred to as the ‘Kodak Gap’ – is one of the narrowest and most scenic straights in the Antarctic Peninsula. At just 11km long and 1600m wide at its narrowest point, the channel feels and appears even narrower, due to the dramatic mountains flanking it and the particularly dense output of icebergs.

This channel is a favourite for Antarctic cruises to go…

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