This pier is 2,848ft long 

One Chance to See the World

I went for a walk today and found a nice pier to chill on, taking in the lovely beach here on my rest stop of Hervey Bay before making my way to Fraser Island tomorrow.

On the map I was provided at the hostel there was a pier, however this one didn’t seem to be in the right place (on the map it appeared to be on a curve, this pier wasn’t, so I took a snap and kept walking down the coastline.

As I was walking, I found another pier of a similar size. I then wondered why there was only one on the map, and realised that there must be a pretty big one a little further down.

I found it, and it was impressive.

Almost at the end of a ten or so minute stroll…

Looking back to shore.

Right at the end were plenty of fishermen…

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