Magic in Madikwe: A Wonderful Welcome to Jaci’s Safari Lodge


Every once in a while, I am fortunate enough to experience something that is undeniably beyond what I had expected.

When I was offered the opportunity to travel to a luxury South African safari lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve, I knew that it would be an amazing experience. However, every single expectation I had was exceeded by miles, and my time in Madikwe was nothing short of complete and utter magic.

The journey started in Johannesburg. We had arrived back into South Africa bleary eyed and zombie-like thanks to a 3am wake up call and a 6am flight departure from Windhoek. As soon as we had landed in Jozi we were quickly whisked away from the chaos of OR Tambo International Airport to the Federal Airlines private hangar and lounge.

Normally, a five hour layover would sound like torture, but it ended up being far from it. The lounge…

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4 Best Countries For Nature Lovers


Do you like nature and everything it offers? A lot of photographs love to take pictures of mountains, rivers, woods, coasts and bunch of other nature beauties. If you are one of those persons who love to be in nature and to be a part of it, here comes 5 best Countries(by my opinion) for you.

1. Brazil

From 340 meters high waterfall to the pools in the cave, from the sand dune lagoons to Amazon rainforest. It offers something for everyone. It might be very dangerous country, but it is also county which can offer you most in the aspect of nature.


One of the biggest city in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, preserved its natural beauties, even though it have the population of more than 6 million people. Rio De Janeiro also have the most beautiful beaches(everyone heard about Copacabana) and incredible view on Sugarloaf Mountain.

2.British Virgin Islands

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The Youthful Traveller

Thailand- A place that is filled with Tuk -Tuks, culture, stunning beaches & a crazy night life ! What more can you want? 

Grand Palace Golden Temple

Words cannot even describe how beautiful seeing these temples were. Mind-blowing to say the least ! Every little ounce of the temples were finely crafted & designed to the absolute T. Gold, Gold, Gold everywhere, It was honestly breathtaking. 


You’re not really experiencing Thailand if your not canoeing through the Caves of Thailand right? This is an ultimate must for all travellers! We found a day tip tour that had taken us on a cruise boat, (provided lunch buffet & activities). Then when sunset hits, we went in to the breathtaking caves. Experience this for yourself, as words cannot  describe how amazing this was. 

Floating Markets 

Floating Markets, its literally a dream come true. Instead of using your…

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Discovering the South Eastern Coast of England: Dover

Traveling Stranger


Ahhh the Southeastern Coast. A place I have spent much time exploring and my favorite part of England. In this series of posts I’ll do my best to give good recommendations and thoroughly describe this wonderful bit of coast in full detail. Let’s start with…


Rolling white cliffs, beautiful stone beaches, and a marvelous castle packed with history; what’s not to love! The city of Dover is located right on the beach on the Southeastern Coast, 78 miles from London, about a two hour drive. Dover is the furthest point out into the channel and where most ferries depart from. On a good clear day, you can see France! I will talk more about the Ferry services later on. There are some wonderful camping sites along the beach, and many trails along the cliffs. Consider Dover for your holiday this year!

The Sights:

  • Dover Castle- Of course this makes…

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The Imperial City of Hue


I feel like the older I get and the more I travel, the less guilty I feel about taking a breather from seeking adventures while on the road.

When I was starting out as a novice traveller, any day that I didn’t go out and explore felt like a missed opportunity of sorts. I felt like I needed to go out and about each and every day, otherwise I would see it as a waste.

This went on and on for quite a long time until I had a burnout of sorts. I have touched on this before in a blog post about the ‘Travellers Blues’.

Over time, I have become much better at taking breaks when I need them, even if it means only getting one day to explore a city.

On one hand, I may never visit that city again and really, I should want to see…

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An Incredible Night in Ho Chi Minh City with Park Hyatt Saigon


Earlier this year, I celebrated a 25th birthday. It would be the first time I ever celebrated my birthday with a boyfriend whilst overseas, so it took quite a while to decide where we should go.

Initially, we thought we’d go to Japan – but the flights were too expensive.

Next, we thought we’d go to New Zealand – but all the activities were too expensive.

Finally, we decided that we’d go to Vietnam. It would be a new country for both of us, it would be affordable and it would provide so many opportunities for fun and adventure; and as an added bonus, the flights to and from Ho Chi Minh City were on sale and so enticingly cheap.

The kind people at Park Hyatt Saigon offered to let us stay with them on our first night in Vietnam, and what a lovely stay it was!

Getting to Ho…

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The colors of Istanbul

Saturday. Got up so early and excited for the new day. That day I decided to explore more of this beautiful city Istanbul. I sat on the bus and waited impatiently to arrive at the planned place. The bus ride took so long.. During the ride, I was thinking about the day and my expectations. Is that place going to be nice? am I going to like it?

And finally the time for the last bus stop came. I arrived in Aksaray and from there I started walking.. and I walked, I walked… up  to the hill, through the neighborhood of Fatih and after an hour  I arrived to the coziest and most colorful part of Istanbul.

There were so many tiny streets and I was wondering which way to take. Somewhere in the distance I saw some colorful buildings shining bright as if they were touched by the sun…

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